Who Is Best Suited To Undergo BRCA Genetic Testing For Cancer Risk?

Doctor performing test.

Film star Angelina Jolie’s May 2013 New York Times editorial, in which she disclosed her decision to undergo preventive mastectomy of both breasts because she carries a BRCA1 alteration (mutation), brought media attention to the power of genetic testing for predicting disease risk. [more]

Making Strides Against Cancer In South Africa

South Africa, located on the southern tip of Africa between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, is a country of great diversity in ethnicity and culture. [more]

Meeting The Challenge Of Cervical Cancer Screening In Low-resource Countries

Cervical cancer is now a rare disease in the U.S. thanks to Pap smear screening which was introduced in the 1940s. [more]

Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation: On A Quest To Reverse Cancer


Spotlight On...

Laurence N. Kolonel, M.D., Ph.D.

What are the forces that drive healthy cells to become cancer cells? [more]

Poorer Smokers In New York State Spend A Quarter Of Income On Cigarettes

Earmark more tobacco tax revenue to help these low-income smokers quit, experts say [more]

Letter From the Editors

While cancer prevention has been of growing interest for close to 100 years, marked by the recent centennial anniversary of the American Cancer Society, successful prevention presumes a knowledge of cancer causation. Most of those in the field appreciate that cancers arise out of an interaction between genetic and environmental factors. [more]

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