The Case For or Against E-Cigarettes : What The Scientific Research Says

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Electronic cigarettes are inhalant devices that heat liquid nicotine and emit vapor – often a combination of water, other chemicals, and propylene glycol, a substance approved by the FDA for other purposes. They hit European and American markets in 2006 and 2007, and their popularity has been propelled by international trends favoring smoke-free environments.[more]

The Challenges Of Cancer Control Facing Argentina

With 41 million inhabitants, Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world and the second largest country in Latin America. Like other countries, Argentina faces a heavy cancer burden – over 110,000 new cancer cases annually, costing the nation more than $488 million US per year in medical and non-medical costs. [more]

Air Pollution to Blame for 223,000 Lung Cancer Deaths Annually

People inhale about 10,000 liters, or about 2,500 gallons, of air each day. As a result, damaging doses of contaminants in the air reach the lung, even for pollutants present in low concentrations. [more]

The Melanoma Research Foundation : In the Fight to Prevent Skin Cancers

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and unlike most cancers it is becoming more and more common. Yet it is also one of the most preventable cancers.[more]

Spotlight On...

John Pierce, Ph.D.

Each year, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) bestows its prestigious Award [more]

Tripling Taxes On Tobacco Would Save 200 Million Lives

Like everyone else, smokers pay close attention to price. And a new analysis suggests that tripling excise taxes on tobacco products worldwide [more]

Letter From the Editors

If one takes a long view with regard to tobacco use in the US, the truth is that we have been doing pretty well. Sure, we can lament the fact that approximately 20% of males and females still smoke, but the marked decrease in smoking rates since the Surgeon General's report of 1964 reflects a significant public health success. The decline in lung cancer mortality rates is evidence of this success. [more]

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