Cancer Rates Fall in Richer Nations, Rise in Poorer Ones

There has been a tremendous shift in worldwide cancer rates since the 1990s. As lower income countries become more prosperous, cancer death rates are rising.

Prospective Study Strengthens Link Between Oral HPV Infection And Some Head and Neck Cancers

Experts have long suspected that infection with HPV in the mouth and throat might be a contributing cause of head and neck cancer.

Fighting Childhood Cancers, One Cup at a Timer

While recovering in the hospital following a stem cell transplant, 4 year old Alexandra "Alex" Scott told her mother: "When I get out of the hospital, I want to hold a lemonade stand."

The Emerging Threat of Cancer In Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons Learned From HIV

Over the past decade, the global HIV epidemic has been transformed.

It Takes a Village: Community Factors and Cancer Prevention

It's also clear that multiple, complex factors combine to drive these disparities.

Health Care Reform May Be Raising Screening, Early Detection For Women

The Affordable Care Act's efforts may be paying off for women, two studies suggest.

Spotlight On: Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH

Dr. Ernest Hawk is the 2015 recipient of the American Society of Clinical Oncology-American Cancer Society Award for Significant Contributions to Cancer Prevention.

World Health Organization Adds Processed Meats to List of Carcinogens

Processed meats have been added to the World Health Organization's list of carcinogens.

Letter From the Editors

As we are currently embroiled in a presidential election season, we can ponder one of the issues that the candidates occasionally address, the cost of healthcare.

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