Genetic Screening for Cancer Prevention: Many Choices

Sequencing the human genome for the first time cost about the same as building an aircraft carrier. But now, large genetic tests are available for about the same price as bicycles.

High Levels of Exercise Tied to Reduced Risk for 13 Cancers

The largest study of its kind finds that people who exercise regularly may reap a dividend, cutting their odds for 13 types of cancer...

Piecing Together the Puzzle of Breast Cancer Prevention

Many argue that preventing this disease is the only way we will ever conquer it, while others wonder whether breast cancer can be prevented...

Stopping Cancer Before It Starts: The Promise of the Pre-cancer Genome Atlas

Imagine, in the not-too-distant future, a routine visit to your doctor’s office. Special “biomarkers” in those samples suggest...

Spotlight On: Sir Richard Peto

The battle against tobacco has been a long one, but finally – in Western nations at least – smoking rates have begun to fall...

Preventing Lung Cancer in People Who Have Never Smoked

While tobacco smoking is a powerful cause of lung cancer, lung cancer does occur in never smokers...

Are Sodas, Other Sugary Drinks Falling Out of Favor With Americans?

Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to pass a tax on sugary beverages such as sodas...

Uruguay’s Legal Victory May Re-Ignite Global Fight against Big Tobacco

Uruguay, a South American nation with a population of less than 4 million, has been successful in beating back one of the world’s biggest tobacco companies.

Letter From the Editors

In this issue of Cancer Prevention, we report on a recent study that demonstrates a significant protective effect of physical activity on risk for many types of cancer.